Cute Asher Quotes

While I was getting ready for church on Sunday, Asher came in and totally unprompted said, “Look nice, Mommy.” What a boy!

One day while teaching Asher his catechism, I asked him, “Who made you?” He smiled and said, “God.” The next question was, “What else did God make?” (The catechism answer is God made all things.) Asher rolled his eyes in excitement, grinned and yelled, “God made Grandma!”

“No stinky, Mommy. Just wet.” During a diaper change, this comment made its appearance. And he was right!

I had just put Asher down for a nap, and when I gave him his hug, he gave me a big squeeze and said, “Love you ever, Mommy.” I had just finished reading and singing Love You Forever to him.

We were looking at pictures on our screen saver, and I told Brian how I liked one of the pictures. Copying me, Asher said, “I like picture.” But when the next one came up, we about fell over when he said, “I like that picture, too.”

Brian and Asher were playing on the floor, and Brian rolled over onto his stomach. Asher kept lifting Brian’s sweater looking for his belly button but would find only his back. He seriously thought Brian’s belly had disappeared and kept saying, “Oh no! Uh oh! Daddy, belly all gone.”

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