Early Milestones for Ash

This is for you, Grandma!

What it feels like when the kitty purrs.

How to hold up his fingers to show how old he is.
His birthday is January twenty-five.
He will be three years old.
How to do a somersault.
The fight song for the Redskins.

–How to sing his ABC’s.
–Elmo band-aids make cuts on the knee feel all better.

–How to take his shoes off.
–Saturday means “Daddy home all day long.”
–Allergies are no fun!
–Daddy sits in the driver’s seat.
–Staying at Grandma & Grandad’s sure is fun. He gets his own special bed.
–Suitcases are for packing up.
–When Naomi comes to play, he has to share. He doesn’t like it!

–Yellow means clear the intersection!
–How to put his shoes on.
–Grandma & Grandpa’s last name is Davis.
–Grandma & Grandad’s last name is Misantone.
–How to peel a banana.
–That half a banana WILL fit in your mouth, but it’s not so easy going down.

–Yes, sir is for Daddy. Yes, ma’am is for Mommy.
–Sugar is sweet. Salt is salty. Flour is yucky.
–Potties are for peeps and poops.
–Green means GO! Red means STOP!
–Daddy is a man. Mommy is a woman.

One response to “Early Milestones for Ash”

  1. It is so cool to see how your children are growing. It’s great that you keep records about what is happening in your children’s lives.


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