Asher The Politician

Today the boys and I were working on crafts, and I just sat quietly, trying hard not to laugh… here’s what they were saying.

Micah: Asher, look, I drew a king. I’m the king of the world.
Asher: No you’re not, Micah. God is. He is the real king.
Micah: God is a king?
Asher: God is the biggest. He is the strongest. He is the fastest.
Micah: And God is the slowest.
Asher: (sits for a minute quiet) Mom, if God can do anything, does that mean He can be the slowest too? Micah doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
Micah: Be nice to me Asher. Jesus is right here!
Asher: No, Jesus is up in Heaven WITH God.
Micah: Up in the sky, Asher?
Asher: Yes.
Micah: Then how does He live in my heart, Asher?
Asher: Micah, let’s color some more.

I believe Asher has a future in politics. Hope that gives you as much entertainment as it did me. Now you know why I’m sliding the slippery slope into insanity.

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