Heart Smiles

I’ve been working in the kitchen all morning–cleaning the counters, making baby food, folding laundry at the kitchen table–and the kids have been in and out making me laugh. And I do mean the KIDS, not just the boys. It has been amusing to watch Ash and Bear move swiftly from the living room to their bedroom. Each one has a sword in hand. Bear’s bobbling his knight’s helmet on his head and Ash is yelling, “Earth shake” every two seconds. They duck and run for cover then collapse in side-splitting laughter. It’s fun to watch, but what adds to the entertainment is Bella crawling along with them. Only she never makes it. She gets halfway back the hallway, knight’s mace in hand dragging alongside her, and the boys tear past her once again. So she turns around to catch up, only to have them reverse direction just as she arrives at her destination. But she is perfectly content, as are they… and that makes my mommy’s heart smile.

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