Things That Make Me Laugh

I’ve been delighting in my kids these past few days and the way their brains work. Like how excited Buddy gets when he says his L-words with the L-sound instead of the W-sound. Or how he fusses at Bear to stop playing with something because it wastes the batteries. This morning, Buddy and I had a deep conversation about obeying God and praying for strength to “beat Satan”. He told me, “If I pray, then God won’t let my foot slip.” Then he thought about that for a while and said, “But my feet slip when I ice skate. Is God going to help me ice skate?”

Then there’s Bear, who lives contentedly in his own little world… and thinks his elbows are his muscles and will randomly show me “how big my elbows are, Mommy!” And how he mispronounces things like saying Dixie cups are “disky cups”. He is in that really cute stage where everything he does is funny, and I try so hard not to laugh at him ALL the time, especially when he’s “cutely” asserting his independence. Oh, how they keep me entertained.

Earlier today the boys were pretending to fight the bad guys and they had walkie-talkies to communicate with each other. I had to laugh when they kept yelling into them, “Roger? Are you there, Roger?” They’ve heard Brian and me on talkies before and apparently thought we were talking to someone named Roger. It’s so fun to see how they take things and go with them… into their own worlds. And I will truly enjoy watching them bring Bella right along with them. Oh, the places they have been and the places they’ll go!

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