Bella’s First Year Milestones

April 2006

–Welcome to our world, little one! 7 lb. 4 oz., 19 inches long.
–You met your brothers on the day you were born, and they loved you so much. Asher calls you “Andre”.
–You met your Grandma & Grandaddy Misantone.
–Your first Easter… and first Easter dress!
–Your first visit to church.
–You met your Uncle Mike, Aunt Sherry & Cousins Josh, Ben & Danny.
–Your PKU screening came back with some strange levels… but everything turned out okay!
–Your first youth retreat.

May 2006
–You smiled!!!! Then 3 days later you smiled at Asher.
–You met your great-grandparents, Nanny & Pappy.
–A baby shower for you! Lots of pink.
–You coo at us when you see us… such sweet sounds.
–Tummy time is not a big hit with you.
–Your first virus.
–You met your Grandma & Grandpa Davis.
–You slept through the night at 7 weeks old!

June 2006
–You try to grab things when we hold them out to you.
–Your 2 month appt.: 11 lb., 2 oz., 23 inches. The doctor says you’er perfectly proportioned.
–We heard your first squeal of delight.
–You suck your thumb!!!
–You love to take your baths.
–You love to listen to music, and I love to dance with you.

July 2006
–You met your Aunt Sam, Uncle Alan & Great-Grandpa Davis.
–Fourth of July in DC with Daddy’s family.
–You discovered your toes and were fascinated.
–Ugh.. you spit up so much. A record SIX outfits in one day this month!
–So big! You bear weight on your legs.
–Your first visit to JMU–Go DUKES!
–You rolled over!!

August 2006
–You hold your folded hands up and just watch them.
–You love to read with your brothers.
–You giggle when we tickle you, but still no big belly laughs.
–You found your voice! Happy gurgles all day.
–You love to stick out your tongue, and you look so silly.
–Sweet giggles became big belly laughs whenAsher was playing with you.
–Your 4 month appt.: 11 lb. 15 oz.; 24 3/4 inches.

September 2006
–Hooray! Off to the beach!
–What? You’re wearing a bikini. Daddy says this is the last time!
–A taste of formula… BLECH!
–A second visit to Rockbridge Youth Retreat!
–Uh oh, Mommy has pneumonia, so you’re getting lots of snuggle time.

October 2006
–You love to sit in your swing and watch your brothers.
–Micah makes you laugh all the time.
–A day trip to DC’s WWII Memorial.
–Your first tooth arrived…
–Then a week later so did tooth #2.
–You are a talker… ta-ta-ta and na-na-na are your favorite sounds.
–6 month appt.: 12 lb. 7 oz.; 25 inches… petite little one.
–You started rice cereal, and hated it!
–You’re sitting up like a pro.

November 2006
–You wore shoes for the first time… cute, little black dress ones
–New foods this month were bananas, pumpkin, applesauce, peas and oatmeal.
–You are so close to crawling!
–You love to dance… it makes you belly laugh.
–You met your Great-Grandmom Misantone, Aunt Louise & Uncle Larry.
–Your first Thanksgiving at home with the family.

December 2006
–Christmas tree hunting and decorating and getting all tangled in ribbons and bows.
–You are fascinated with moustaches.
–Look at you go! You are crawling now.
–You waved bye-bye… just like a princess.
–Your first Christmas… favorite gifts: Raggedy Ann & Andy.
–Your first plane ride.
–To Phoenix where you met your Uncle Rob, Aunt Candice and Cousins Kayin, Demitri and Eden.
–You’ve started clicking your tongue and think it’s so funny.
–To the zoo with your cousins.

January 2007
–Happy New Year!
–9 month appt.: 14 lb. 6 oz.; 26 1/4 inches. Your height predictor says 5’0″.
–Your first snow! You were fascinated.
–You cut tooths 3 and 4 this month.

February 2007
–Slow month… not learning much new, but crawling everywhere and getting into everything.
–More snow and building a snowman with your brothers.
–Uh oh, your first ear infection, and a 105 degree fever!
–You say Ma-Ma and Da-Da and it’s music to our ears.

March 2007
–Road Trip!!! To Delaware for your first wedding (Sarah & James De Boer).
–You stood alone.
–You love to help empty the dishwasher and will hand us the silverware piece by piece to put away.
–You’ve figured out how to crawl with a dress on… no knees! Thinking outside the box already!

April 2007
–Your first taste of cake at your first birthday party… you weren’t too sure at first, but learned to love it.
–You’re walking now! Just took off the day after you turned one. And life moves on…

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