Knowing How It Ends

My boys love to watch Homeward Bound. They sit up on the loft entranced and talk about what’s happening throughout. I love to listen to them talk together like that! It makes me realize how they are such little persons.

As I was listening to them the other day, I had to smile… they both get so excited every time it ends. Bear always says, “Asher, they found everyone!” Then he calls down to me to tell me that everyone is home and happy. It is new and exciting to them every time even though they know how it ends. And then it hit me… I know how it ends, too.

I know how it’s all going to end–my life, this world–Jesus wins! And yet I can so often live in despair caught up in how my life isn’t going the way I want it to… but it is… it’s going exactly where I want it to. I’m heading to heaven and victory and defeat over sin and Satan. I found the excitement of my boys contagious that day. I want to live an excited life, because I know how it ends!

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