Dragon Tails… er, Tales

While I was outside with the kids this morning, we all piled onto the big swing on our swingset for our daily story time. The boys love for Brian and me to tell them stories we’ve made up; however, my imagination is waning. There are only so many coyote, wolf and bear stories I can tell! Thankfully today Asher asked for a dragon and knight story.

“Ahhhh,” I said, trying (and failing miserably, I might add) to be a humorous mom, “You boys want a dragon tale.” Micah looked up at me with consternation in his eyes, “Mommy, no!” he cried, “Not the dragon’s tail. Nothing happens there. The fire comes out of his mouth! I want a dragon mouth not a tail.” I tried so hard not to laugh out loud. I’m afraid the poor boy is going to get a complex as much as I laugh at him… but he is such a sweet, funny boy. And so, being the good mother that I am, our dragon tale today had plenty of fire.

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