May’s New Discoveries

So far this month the boys have been quite busy learning all the fun tricks they can do on the swingset… like slide down the slide on their feet and give Mommy a heart attack. Here’s my list for May of fun things the kids have learned:

–Asher learned to do a flip on the side bar of the swingset and says he’s going to be as strong as Uncle Rob.
–Micah learned to do a somersault but said he didn’t like it because it made his head hurt; however, it didn’t stop him from doing them.
–Audrey discovered the button on her little motorized bike. If you push it then let go, you go about 6 inches, then clap and laugh.
–Asher learned what a pull-up is and tells me everytime he goes to the swingset he’s going to do his exercises. Then he decides pull-ups are too hard and gives up.
–Micah discovered that he really does like peas.
–Audrey loves her new glow worm and has learned that if you push the button on its chest over and over and over, then you can stay up later in your crib.
–Asher learned to ride his bike!!!
–Micah learned how exciting it is to watch Asher learn new things as he ran next to Asher’s bike yelling, “Asher, I’m so impressed with you!”
–Audrey learned that grass is okay to touch, even though she’s still not sure about walking in it.

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