Sunshine Blessings

Tuesday was an amazing day outside–gorgeous, sunny, and warm. I think I spent the whole day outside with the kids. But the best part of my day was the 30 minutes before lunch. The boys were helping water the seeds I planted under the deck and then asked to play in the water. Why not? We set up the sprinkler, and they ran through it screaming and laughing in sheer delight. I sat on the swing with Bella-girl who snuggled into my arm and watched the boys without moving.

As the swing’s motion settled us in, I shut my eyes and drank in the smells of spring, the sounds of my boys’ laughter, and the feel of Bella’s warmth, and I thanked God for times like these. How calming it was to be there together for that time and to spend it with my kids and praying blessings over them… sunshine blessings, I called it in my mind… it was sweet, it was wonderful, it was a little spring of joy in my day.

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