Abraham and Mayonnaise

Last night both the boys gave us quite a laugh during family worship. Each night before bed we read them the Bible, sing and pray. As Brian reads, Micah tends to play with his hands, hum to himself, point at the pictures over and over and ask, “What’s that, Daddy?” Obviously in “Micah-land”, we will sit with him and try to explain what Brian has just read. Asher, of course, knows all the answers and is more than happy to answer for Micah.

There are times when Asher interjects his own questions for Brian. In the middle of reading about Abraham leaving his home country of Ur, Asher looked up and asked, “Was he angry?” Brian and I both looked at each other trying to figure out why he would ask that… was Abraham’s face angry in the picture? Brian asked him what he meant, and Asher said, “You said he was going ‘eeeeeerrrrrggghhhh’ like when you’re angry.” We stifled laughter and explained that Ur was a place, but we had to spell all the different ways to say “eeeerrrrggghhh” to him (always the details with him).

Meanwhile, Micah was in another world and finally pointed to the picture of Abraham and Lot and asked who they were. Brian tried to spur his memory, but Asher yelled out, “That’s Abraham!” Micah said, “That’s Abraham.” So Brian asked Micah who was with him. Micah sat there for a minute, then said, “Ummmmmm, MAYOnnaise.” Yep, that’s our Micah… we have no idea what’s going on in that mind of his. Oh well, family worship is always entertaining, that’s for sure. I can’t wait to see what Audrey will bring to the mix!

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