Showers of Blessing

The boys and I sat for a long time today and watched it rain. We had so much fun just snuggling on the floor and talking, watching the rain, listening to quiet peals of thunder, and having Bella-girl crawl all over us giving random hugs and kisses. We kept waiting for the thunder to stop so we could go run around in the rain (something which the boys are dying to do), but they grew impatient and went to play in their room.

I am always amazed by their minds, and I’m still processing everything we talked about. I’ve always told them how you’re never too old to learn, but I was bombarded with questions so quickly that I found myself saying, “I don’t really know.” over and over and over. Then I had to laugh when Asher sighed and said, “Mom, let’s just go look it up online. Then we’ll know ALL the answers.”

Here’s a glimpse into their minds (tread carefully):
How do thunderstorms work? (Asher)
Where do bees go when it rains? (Asher)
Grandma has Pooh bandaids! (Bear)
Why did all the dinosaurs die? (Asher)
Oh look, there’s a doggie. He’s pooping! (Bear) (Ah, the joys of living behind a vet!)
Why do they take the dogs out in the rain? (Asher)
How does our skin stay on? (Asher)
Why does God send thunder with rain? It makes me scary. (Bear)
Are our flowers really thanking God for the rain? (Bear)

We talked for a while about how God was taking care of Mommy’s flowers and all the other trees and grass and flowers and even us by sending the rain. Bear has started wanting to pray right away for things, so he prayed, “Dear Jesus, thank you for raining Mommy’s flowers because she forgets to.” I couldn’t help but smile and thank God for not just the rain showers but for the showers of blessings he gave me every day.

When Meelah, our cat, came over and snuggled in as well, I heaved a deep, contented sigh. “Why did you do that, Mommy?” Asher’s big eyes looked up at me. “Because I am so happy. Y’all make me so happy.” Asher curled his long, lanky body into my lap, Bear leaned against my arm, Meelah purred at me feet, and Bella attacked my back with a big hug as Ash whispered, “I love you so much, Mommy.” Now there are the true showers of blessing!

Moment over. On to the next question. “Mom, how do the wondertwin powers activate?”

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