A Sad Day

It’s been a sad day in our home today. We said good-bye to our kitties of 10 years. My heart ached so badly as I watched each of my boys hug Miles and Meelah and say their goodbyes. Audrey, of course, had no clue what was going on. She was just happy to scream at the cats in delight. We piled Meelah in his carrier and Bri took him and Miles out to the Jeep.

We piled onto the couch to watch Brian drive away with a piece of our life. It was almost unbearable for me to hear Asher and Micah calling, “We love you, kitties!” out the window. Asher just snuggled in my arms and cried, and I thought about how badly I want to protect my kids from the pain of life… yet how unrealistic that is. Hearing Brian talk about how Miles just sat on top of the carrier with Meelah the whole way and knowing how much it hurt Bri to leave them makes the knot in my throat tighten every time I think about it.

Knowing that Asher’s allergies will benefit from this helps me rationalize, but I can’t rationalize the sadness in my heart. I know time will take it away, but in the meantime, we’re lonely for our kitties.

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