The Sweet Smell of Summer in the Air

Ahhhh, yes, down at the County Fair. My kids talk all year long about when they can go to the Fair, so when that time comes, their excitement is bubbling over. Asher was about to pop and Micah kept telling everyone there was going to be a whale there (an inflatable slide, which unfortunately, he was too small to slide down–darn height restrictions!). Once there, Asher was afraid to get his hand stamped, Micah whined for a while about how tired his feet were going to be, and Audrey’s diaper eventually leaked on Grandpa’s lap… it’s never going to be a perfect night, is it? Once those hurdles were jumped, it was a truly wonderful night, and like any other time I spend with my kids, one I’ll treasure… a little more now than I would have a week ago.

We started our evening running into friends everywhere, finding a table and eating our supper. I had to laugh when Audrey turned up her nose at everything except for Grandpa’s steak…no hot dogs, no pork bbq, just big, fat juicy steak. So even if the boys don’t eat me out of house and home when they’re teenagers, we’ll spend all our money on her expensive taste.


The petting zoo is always fun for the kids, and this year Micah wasn’t afraid which made it even more fun for him. Audrey was hysterical and pointed and screamed at everything in delight. We took our annual Petting Zoo picture. I just want to know, why do I always have to be the cow?

Click here to watch Audrey enjoying the petting zoo.

The rides are always a big hit (on our wallet, too!). Asher wanted to ride everything, and Micah thought he wanted to ride everything, but as soon as he sat down he was too scared and got back off. Asher was so excited to ride the airplanes and immediately took his as high as it would go and left it there (ahhhh, yes, pushing it to the limit). We eventually all rode the Carousel together which Audrey loved for about 1 minute, then decided she’d had enough and I held her the rest of the time.


The bustle of the fair is contagious–running into friends everywhere, eating pork bbq (with cole slaw, of course), the petting zoo, the rides, the funnel cakes… the fun just never ends. As I carried a sleepy Audrey to the car that night while Ash rode in the stroller and Micah snuggled up in his daddy’s arms, I could feel the tug at my heart… that painful happiness that makes me aware of all that I have. God has given us so much… this gift for this day. I am thankful.

3 responses to “The Sweet Smell of Summer in the Air”

  1. Brian and Angie,
    I just heard about all that’s been going on with you guys–I am so sorry and will be praying! You have a beautiful family. Lord, please bless and protect this family. Please give Angie a good report following surgery and a quick, complete recovery! Love, Kim Doyle (for Jeff, Sam, and Jed)


  2. Hey again,
    Just wanted you to know that our church prayed for you this morning as well! They prayed for GOD’S diagnosis for your life and that no cancer would remain. There’s also a dear lady in our church that has successfully battled stage 4 breast cancer for 2 years–she especially took you to heart and is a prayer warrior! 🙂 Love, Kim


  3. Wow!! That is great. It sounds like such a fun time for everyone! I, of course, loved the pictures of my grandkids and the video of Audrey! Thanks for sharing.

    Love, Mom and Dad


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