Upheld By Grace

I recently found this poem I wrote a few years ago. How good God is to bring it back to me as a reminder and encouragement to me of the faithfulness of God for me, my family and my friends. It’s not about me, my works and my strength. He is walking with me!

As I journeyed life’s path He was there
Walking with me all along.
And I hopped and skipped, basking in joy;
He was my strength and my song.

I knew His smile, and I sensed His love.
His warming peace filled my heart.
We walked together, my hand in His;
I knew we would never part.

The path grew rough and my breath came short,
As I grasped His hand so tight.
“I must hold on,” I said between gasps,
So I clung with all my might.

But the way became harder and steep.
I no longer sensed His smile.
I was tired of fighting the rocks;
I wanted to rest a while.

I kept on walking, slower each mile.
The path was torture to climb.
I no longer skipped or danced with joy.
I barely remembered those times.

How cruel He must be to leave me alone
And make me walk in this way!
It must be my strength holding His hand
That keeps me from falling away.

The path continued, my grip went weak;
I tripped and slowed to a crawl.
I let go His hand to steady myself
And suffered my hardest fall.

But though I let go, His hand held tight,
He set me back on my feet.
He was there every step, holding me up
So that I would not suffer defeat.

Then I saw how my life doesn’t depend
On how tightly I hold onto Him.
For even when I stumble and fall
He is faithful time and again.

Truly, what manner of love is this!
What joy it brings in its place!
For though I fall, I’ll not be cast down;
He upholds me with His grace.

One response to “Upheld By Grace”

  1. WOW!! It brought tears to my eyes. God is so good!!
    I’ll love you forever, Mom


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