She’s out

I just talked to the surgeon, Angie is in recovery and should be out in an hour or so. He said she did fine, and he got everything he needed. From here the tumor goes to pathology where they will biopsy and probably have a report by wednesday. We’ll be here overnight tonight and most likely go home tomorrow. [update] Actually i just talked to the recovery room nurse and got her room number- it’s in the pedriatric wing, apparently they have a playstation. Guess I’ll be fine tonight….

That is again for your prayers, I’ll post again later after I’ve had a chance to talk to her.

4 responses to “She’s out”

  1. Please know that you you have all been in our thoughts and prayers! What a comfort it is to know that, despite the uncertainties that the future holds, our sovereign, loving, Heavenly Father is in complete control of everything, and He will ALWAYS do what is best!

    I love you!


  2. we’re praying hard for your family tonight…thanks for the updates.


  3. Thanks for keeping us posted! I love you guys SO much and am praying for you!!!


  4. I’ve been thinking about you all day and was checking Lisa’s blog site (had to check in on my little Madelyn Grace =) ) when I noticed your site listed there. Went to it and was so glad to see that you were posting updates on Angie. How wonderful. Good to hear the surgery is behind her and apparently went well. I loved Angie’s salutation in the email she sent me …”In His Grip” WHAT a beautiful picture~ Jesus holding on tight and never letting go. My prayers for all of you continue…Jan


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