so far…

She’s doing well so far, there have been some moments this morning but she’s ok. It’s all very real now that people are sticking needles into her! It was awesome to walk into a waiting room full of friends and family when we arrived this morning. A couple of doctors we know have stopped by, and the nurse who did her prep this morning is a friend from church who came in just to take care of us. (thanks Amy!)

The scan this morning wasn’t much fun of course (easy for me to say), but everything went smoothly and they found what they were looking for on the first try. We’re back upstairs now in the world’s smallest room, killing time for the next hour and a half or so- it looks like they have moved her surgery back to 1pm.

2 responses to “so far…”

  1. Many prayers from your brothers and sisters in Memphis even as I write this.


  2. Words fail me. Thankfully the Spirit can take the tears and frantic cries and translate them into prayers to God. We’ll be on our knees for you and your family. Jaye, Jonathan, Josie and Jessie


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