Messages for Mommy

Monday evening our friend Tiffany dropped by the hospital on her way home, she had been keeping our kids all day. She delivered a note from the kids that we would love to share… (these are their own, unedited, words- as dictated to Tiff)

Dear Mommy,

I can’t wait ’till you’re out of the hospital and I can see you again. We have new fishing rods and we can’t wait to show them to you. Hope your surgery went well. I want to come see you. I love you and I’m praying for you and I’ll have fun at the Pattons.


(He wrote his own signature of course…)

Dear Mommy,

I thank you that your surgery will be well. I want you to come back right now. Come whenever you want. I love you.


And a summary of their day, I believe this was dictated by Asher:

Today we had fun fishing and got new fishing rods and so did miss Tiff. We got no fishes, but I wish we did. We wet to Cracker Barrel and came home and had rest time and played outside. Then we wrote you a card. Pattons are coming soon.

The End!

3 responses to “Messages for Mommy”

  1. Bri,
    Ah, I love your kids!!! I want to come visit Angie soon, but I’ve come down with a bit of a cold. Do you think it will be okay if I don’t get too close, or should I wait.? I’ll call to find out. All my love to both of you!!!!


  2. B. A. Schlegel (Kristin Mullenix's aunt) Avatar
    B. A. Schlegel (Kristin Mullenix’s aunt)

    Angie, Our church in St. Augustine, FL, is praying for you and your family during the decision making for your treatments. We are praying for your healing and for effectiveness of your treatments. I went through chemo and radiation 6 yrs. ago when my son was 8. I’m living with the hope that I will have even more years with my family. I’m praying that for you, too. My friend Linda was treated with Stage 4 breast cancer a couple of years ago. God has granted her healing from that. She is living with hope, too. I will continue reading your webpage and promise to pray for you and your family and friends. In whatever you experience, you will find God working through your life.


  3. Bethany Karunakaran Avatar
    Bethany Karunakaran

    Dear Davis family,
    I am so sorry about what happened. I hope Mrs. Davis is feeling much better, and recovers quickly. Please let us know if theres anything we could do to help. We would be more than happy to watch Asher, Micah, and Audrey for an afternoon or evening. They could come over here and play or I could come and watch them at your place. Whichever is more convenient fo you. I really love your kids and would love to help you all out in any way possible! Please let me know.

    With love,
    Bethany Karunakaran, and family


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