Follow-up Appointment

Just got back from Angie’s follow-up appointment for the surgery; they removed the dressing and checked things out, she’s healing nicely. We go back on Wednesday afternoon to remove staples. (Ugh.. I don’t really do well with blood and sharp objects inserted into the skin…) We didn’t move the appointment with the Oncologist up, the Doc affirmed that treatment won’t begin until after that, so there isn’t really any point in trying to get there earlier. Her body needs some time to heal before they start pumping her full of toxins…

We did accomplish my real goal in trying to see them earlier, which was to get further testing scheduled. Tuesday at noon she has a CT scan scheduled for pretty much her whole body. We’ll have the films to take down to our appointment on Wednesday so he can begin evaluating the possibility of spread.

We’re holding up pretty well and are very encouraged by so many who have written, called, emailed and commented here. Obviously this is hard, but we cling to a big God.

3 responses to “Follow-up Appointment”

  1. Dear Angie and Brian, Yes, our God is a very BIG God and He is still performs miracles and defies the doctors pronosis . My prayer for you in the midst of this storm is that God will give you both, and the children, His perfect peace and strenght. It is truly awesome and surpasses all understanding.
    We have so many, many people praying for you all. The prayers are going heavenward at all times.
    With dearest love and prayers,
    Virginia Bagby


  2. Kathleen and Tim Ryan Avatar
    Kathleen and Tim Ryan

    Dearest Brian, Angie, and Family,

    Just wanted to let you know that you are in our thoughts and that we pray for you daily and ask God to give you strength and courage to get you through this very difficult time in your lives.

    My oldest sister had a masectomy 32 years ago and the pathology report showed that it had spread into her lymph nodes and that it was not good. She started getting her life and that of her six childrens lives in order (her youngest being 5 at the time), seeing as she was given only five years to live. Although she did these things, she refused to let it get her down and continued with her life as though nothing had happened. She is now 73 years old and still going strong. She has her own business baking year round for weddings, holidays, and all sorts of occasions and just continues to give of herself to her church, family, and many, many others; thus she is an inspiration to all of us. May God shine his blessings upon you Angie.

    Kathleen Ryan


  3. Bill and Mei Leung Avatar
    Bill and Mei Leung

    Angie and Brian, We are sad to hear what the news that Dr. had told you. We are praying for you; God gives and God also takes away. We pray God will take away the tumors through the surgey that you already had and give you the strength to go through therapy. Our God is a great God, and there is nothing He does is NOT according to His own great pleasure and perfect will. We know to some degree how you feel and what you have been going through because of what has happened to Becky since her birth. We also have experienced the power of all saints’ prayers. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you. Our Savior leads all His children all the way… Love you in the Lord. Bill and Mei Leung


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