He Really Does Love Me!

Okay… so in case there was any doubt about Brian’s love… my dear hubby just turned down tickets to a Redskins game.

What?! There are some of you who are flabbergasted by this. I; however, am not. First off, being a Dallas fan, I question why anyone would want to waste a day watching the ‘skins play. Secondly, we are going to the BEACH Saturday. A week in Nags Head to just relax, soak in the sun, prepare for the next step in our journey…

See, he really does love me… denying himself the ‘skins proves it. I suppose he’ll be able to survive the week without the game. I admire his fortitude. And I love him, too.

2 responses to “He Really Does Love Me!”

  1. I don’t love you. I hate you Angie Davis (in the most loving Christian way that I can). You ruin all things fun…

    I’ll have fun at the game anyway 😉


  2. If you need a break from the drive on your way back, give us a call, we’d love to give you a hug! I’ll be in Harrisonburg this Saturday for a Son House reunion. But, next week, we’re around!

    Have a great week enjoying time as a family – what better place to do that than the beach!?

    Love you,


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