Saturday, September 29

We are driving home now, and I can’t believe how quickly the week passed. I have been reliving memories from this week, so I thought I’d share a few…

  • The trip down, talking to Brian and philosophizing about several different topics. It is good to be able to do more than just ride in a car. How thankful we are for kids who enjoy car rides!
  • How excited the boys were to go through the tunnel (and Audrey was as scared as they were excited).
  • Watching the kids run through our condo when we arrived and seeing how thrilled they were to sleep in their “new” beds.
  • The first time Audrey touched sand… she curled her toes up and clung to whoever was holding her for days.
  • When we went out to eat one night, and Brian took Asher to the bathroom. He told Micah to watch his plate and make sure no one ate his food. “Okay, Dad,” Micah said, “I’m make suring.”
  • Listening to the JMU game today while they walked all over Villanova… ahhhh, how I love football! (On that topic, just so you know, Brian’s sacrifice was for the better. His Redskins were defeated on Sunday… my Cowboys; however, crushed the Chicago Bears.)
  • Audrey’s faces. She is very dramatic and uses her eyes to express herself. It’s hard not to laugh all the time.
  • Going off-roading on the beach with Grandpa. The boys had a blast.
  • The way Audrey calls both Brian and me “Momeee” and both Grandma and Grandad “Mamaw”. She already understands the whole “one person” thing!
  • Watching Audrey grow and change. She nods and shakes her head yes and no now, and she is starting to add more words to her repertoire.
  • Building sand castles over and over and over and over…with our “serious shovels”.
  • Watching Asher overcome his fear of the ocean and delight in playing in the waves.
  • Sitting beside the pool while the boys played with their daddy. One time in particular when Brian was jogging around the shallow end with them, and Micah shouted, “Oh Daddy, I wuv joggling!”
  • The food. I know my diet is going to be changing a lot in the future (it already has) so I ordered a big ol’ steak for supper one night. It was excellent!
  • Listening to Asher during family worship ask question after question about Joseph because he wants to understand it all. Then seeing his face light up when it connected with him that his name was the same as one of Joseph’s brothers. “My name is in the Bible!” he exclaimed.
  • Snuggling with Micah, falling asleep with Audrey in my arms, holding Asher and just talking.
  • Shopping with Brian and holding hands. (Wait… how come he got all the new clothes?)
  • Micah cruising around the shallow end of the pool on his tippy-toes.
  • Playing Trivial Pursuit with Mom & Daddy, Nan & Pappy. It’s a yearly tradition—men against women, and I am humble enough to admit defeat. They beat us soundly. I am; however, very competitive (translation: proud), and just want everyone to know I was drugged up on Percocet (that, and they had all easy questions!).
  • Going hunting for sand crabs in the dark on the beach.
  • Grandma’s Glad Bag. My mom gets a little gift each day for the kids… the boys especially loved their frog and lizard, which they promptly turned into “Super Frog” and “Super Lizard” complete with duct tape capes Grandad made for them. The gift-giving culminated in new JMU shirts which they wore proudly today.
  • The Diva discovering that sand is okay to touch… then throwing it all over herself
  • Hearing Micah pray: Heavenly Favver, thank you for this food. Thank you that Mommy’s boo boo is better so we can come to the beach. Thank you that Jesus is coming home soon. In Jesus name, Amen!
  • The laughter.

It was not a perfect week… it never is… Brian and I get impatient with each other and disobedient children. The kids have accidents and spills. Audrey had a few very early mornings, which were especially hard on Brian. I had days where the pain from surgery was difficult. All those things will fade away… the memories; however, will not be forgotten.

2 responses to “Favorites”

  1. B. A. Schlegel (Kristin Mullenix's aunt) Avatar
    B. A. Schlegel (Kristin Mullenix’s aunt)

    Our church prayed for you and your family this morning. We want this week to go so well for you. I remember six years ago when I underwent chemo. I read the Psalms a lot as David just told God everything in his heart and was uplifted by God’s love and protection every day. It was a very spiritual time for me as I’m sure it will be for you and Brian. My son was 8 and was the joy of my life during my treatments. He helped pick out my wig and even “helped” the technician with a radiation treatment. I’m so glad I have benefited from all of that. I’m sure you will. We’ll stay in touch. Aunt BA


  2. Precious Davis Family~
    so glad to hear it was such a wonderful trip. It sounds like a true gift of a time and I’m thrilled that you had it. We keep you in our prayers and love each of you! Praying for this week!


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