Friday, September 28

Today is my birthday, and it has been a wonderful day. We had gorgeous weather all week, and today was no less beautiful. We spent hours on the beach this morning, and Brian was able to finally convince Audrey to play in the sand. Now she walks everywhere, digs with the boys, and throws sand all over herself, looking up in confusion whenever it showers around her. She has brought me a lot of laughter today…

The five of us worked together to build an elaborate fort. Brian is quite the architect, creating a labyrinth of bridges and tunnels while the kids fill buckets with sand. Unable to really dig well left-handed, I was in charge of smoothing things out and making a roadway—a perfect job for a perfectionist. Time flew today. We played, took walks on the beach, ran in the surf, and laughed, a lot.

We took Audrey out to the beach later to take her 18-month pictures. (Is she really almost that old?) Brian dabbles in photography, and he really captured Audrey tonight. She has such a dramatic personality, and I don’t know how we’re going to choose which pictures to print! She would toddle up and down the beach, grinning and laughing, posing adorably for the camera.

After a yummy supper, cake and presents (hooray for a new JMU sweatshirt!), the boys, Grandad, Brian and I bundled up, grabbed our flashlights, and went down to the beach to hunt for sand crabs. It’s a tradition my dad started years ago, and this trip the boys went out four nights. They are so entertaining; chasing after crabs, shining their flashlights, and running away from the surf. Their delight is contagious and they’ve made this week so much fun—so full of laughter.

It has been a good birthday. We found out today that my bone scan came back normal, which made the day better… but it didn’t make the day. What made the day was the being together…laughing.

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