Sunny Days

Wednesday, September 26th

We have been enjoying our time here at Nags Head and are so thankful that we were able to come. It is good to be with my parents and grandparents… some normalcy before our life implodes into chemo world. Brian’s parents came by for the day on Monday before they begin their RV trek back to Phoenix (and hopefully their newest grandbaby). Micah was in Grandma-heaven, exclaiming all day, “Mommy, look! Two Grandmas!” It has been fun having everyone together.

Asher has taken to the ocean like a fish to water. He will stand firm before the coming waves daring them to get him, and then he will laugh as the surf crashes over him. Micah, on the other hand, stands at the edge of the water shouting, “You can’t get me.” But the minute the waves crash and start moving toward him, Micah will race away screaming. He has boundaries on his defiance.

Audrey has decided to be a true southern belle… she refuses to touch the sand, won’t go near the water, doesn’t want to get down at all, and enjoys just sitting and relaxing. I must say I can’t complain about that. Audrey will sit and snuggle on my lap for a couple hours while we sit next to the boys and watch all the excitement. She loves to watch them and yells at them, shouting garbled baby commands at them while they play, but heaven forbid she should get messy. I suppose she is truly living up to one of her many nicknames—Diva.

I have been able to truly enjoy my time here. There are moments where I struggle. I love everything about the beach—swimming in the ocean, riding the waves into the beach, playing in the sand, tossing a football, taking long walks, etc. It has been hard to have to sit on the sidelines, but I am just so thankful to be here. The timing is perfect—we’ve needed this, and I am relishing these sunny days.

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