Beach Pictures

I think we took 550 pictures while we were at the beach, so narrowing it down to my favorites was quite hard. Instead, I grabbed a few (well, 9 actually–be sure to read the full post to see them all) I felt captured a bit of the week… I’m ready to go back!



4 responses to “Beach Pictures”

  1. Wow – look at that sand castle – amazing – looks like room for all of us to live. And the picture of “the princess” looks like she is walking the runway after winning her pageant. I want to be a mouse in the corner when Brian tries to keep that teenager at home.
    Love, Grandma Davis


  2. love all these photos, you guys know how to capture life in an instant. (as well as that can be done… i know pictures don’t do real life justice, but you do it well:) my favorite is audrey sitting in her chair with her mouth wide open, a look of utter shock!! like she can not believe what she is seeing. too cute.


  3. Can I just say….Your kids are so much cuter than any child models!!!! Seriously, those gerber babies ain’t got nothing on the Davis children!!!


  4. Hey Davis family!

    I’m not sure how Stephen stumbled upon your pictures, but it’s nice to see you all again! Your children are beautiful. We’d love to hear from you sometime. God bless.


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