Life In Bear’s World

Micah has given us so much laughter this week. He has hit that age where he says the funniest things. Living in Micah’s world is always an adventure. Here are some of his latest…

Supper one night, pushing carrots around on his plate, “Awwww, I wish carrots never grew.”

His word mix-ups: He eats “p putter and jelly”, looks through “binocweurs”, and helps Mommy’s germ warfare by using “hanitizer” (that’s hand sanitizer).

Downing his milk for supper: “When I drink this, it’s going to go down and break all my bones!”

One morning I was still in bed and heard the boys fighting and arguing while Bri was trying to fix their breakfast. I came down at one point and asked them, “I’m hearing some pretty ugly behavior down here guys. What’s going on?” Micah’s response? “Daddy was taking care of us.”

The boys like to talk about when they’re going to get married and Asher will have his 100 kids…. which I suppose is possible because he claims to have 5 women. As much as we try to squelch that topic and teach them to wait until they grow up, it continues to arise. One day the boys were sitting at the table… this is what transpired:

Asher (in a sing-song voice) “I’m gonna be married… I’m gonna be married…”
Micah (very emphatically) “I’m gonna get married today.”
Brian told him he wouldn’t be able to get married that day, that he needed to grow up and maybe in 20 years he could married.
Micah (whining) “Awwwwww, I want to get married today.”

Micah has also taken to thinking he will become people and he thinks when he grows up he’s going to be Brian, because then he’ll be a daddy. Brian and I were explaining the whole concept of Daddy will always be Daddy and then Micah will be a daddy and Brian would become their grandad. Micah looked confused, so I started pulling Grandpa names out the blue, “Your kids will call him Grandad orrrr Grandaddy orrrrrr Grandpa orrrrr Gramps orrrrr maybe even Grumps, orrrrr (long pause).” Asher pipes up, “Or Smithers!” (I just want to know who’s been letting our kids watch The Simpsons because we sure don’t!!!)

But the knock-out quote of the week was when Brian was putting the kids down one night. He was tucking Micah in and out of the blue, Micah said,

“When I grow up I’m going to be a girl. I’m going to have big arms and big legs and big hair. And I’m going to cry like a girl grown up. Daddy, do you know how to cry?”


2 responses to “Life In Bear’s World”

  1. …Thanks for showing us the glimpse of what we should be expecting coming out of our daughter’s mouth in the near future. She already talks to her bear in some foreign language that is neither English or Japanese…


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