So my friend, Kristin, signed me up for this place called heavenlyhats.com. It’s a non-profit organization that provides hats to cancer patients. One day I got this big package in the mail with 5 hats of all different colors and styles in it. My kids’ favorite is the pink fuzzy one that Asher thinks makes me look like Ronald McDonald. Looks like he finally got his wish. Audrey has always been all girl–obsessed with shoes, purses and coats. Hats are her new favorite. She wears them all the time. (On a side note: for those of you who notice the Boston Red Sox logo on the the baseball hat, that was gift. Just so you know, I am not nor will I ever be a Red Sox fan. My hatred for them runs almost as deep as my hatred of the Yankees.)

Here are my pink fuzzy hat pictures as promised to my youth group kiddos. Enjoy!

7 responses to “Hats!”

  1. Angie,

    The pink fuzzy hat is the bomb! We miss you guys, and have enjoyed reading your posts as of late. We’d love to hear from you sometime. wearethejordans.blogspot.com. Say hi to Brian for us!

    Jen Jordan


  2. OOPS – you might want to tone down that Red Sox talk – your brother-in-law Alan is true blue to them. (And remember he is bigger than you are – although not as much as he used to be).

    I do love the pink fuzzy – Audrey looks especially fetching in it.
    Love, Sue


  3. Scott & Kelly Faircloth Avatar
    Scott & Kelly Faircloth

    Angie, you always look gorgeous no matter what. LOVE it! Kelly


  4. wow angie. all i can say is, wow. those would make such good bribe pictures down the road.

    ps- the yankees dis hurt…i hope that the giants and the cowboys go to the superbowl and the giants win. i will NEVER let you live that one down. (haha, who am i kidding, have the giants ever beat the cowboys? doubt it.)

    ps-audrey looks cute. u look…wow.


  5. pss: as i am a hug hat person, i think we need to have a talk about your hat selections. haha.


  6. Love, Love, Love the pink spiky hat!! And, even more beautiful…the gorgeous sparkly eyes and wonderful happy smile. You look amazing =) I am partial to “spiky” you’ll have to have Lisa fill you in on her “spiky” days (ummm, years..in life-) ) Always fun, Jan Kok

    p.s. how is our Little Audrey doing these days? Such a cutie!


  7. Dear Angie,

    Your little girl is absolutely adorable and beautiful just like her Mom.

    My dear one, we have been crucified with Christ, we no longer live the life we now live is by faith in the Son of God – no longer is us but Christ in us the hope of glory. We are now living a new life to God – old things have passed away, behold all things become new. Look unto Christ, the author and finisher of your faith. Listen to your faith – it comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. You are more than an overcomer through Christ, your victory has been given to you. He is a treasure in your earthen vessel, a real person who will never leave you or forsake you.

    To my brother Brian,

    My dear brother you have the love of God poured in your heart through the Holy Spirit. He has equipped you with perfect love – love that casts out all fear, it believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things and will never fail you. Let this fountain flood you with the presence of God. Draw from the love that bears you up under everything that comes your way. He is a treasure in your earthen vessel – may God give you the comprehension of the height, depth, width, length and breadth and to know the love of Christ that passes knowledge that you will be filled up with all the fullness of God. Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly to what you could ever expect or imagine, since He has predestined you to be more like His Son and teaching you obedience through what you suffer, be glory, honor and praise.

    Praising God with you,
    Judie Young


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