Our Second Home, Rainforest Crunch, and the Ninja

When last we checked in with our heroine, the cancer center had revoked her parole and she was back in the hospital. That was mid-day on Monday; as I write this Saturday morning we’re still in the hospital. On a good day the hospital is a very boring place. On a bad day… let’s just say you really want boring days. Angie’s fever has been down for a few days now, so that is good. She’s on a variety of anti-biotic, anti-fungal, anti-whatever-else drugs in addition to her usual cocktail, and they seem to be keeping her nice and healthy. (keep in mind this is all relative!) Now we are just waiting for her blood counts to recover; the white cell count that had dropped to 2800 or so on Monday feel even further during the week. I think 2300 was the lowest I heard. As of yesterday they had started coming back up, (2700) so there is hope we might be nearing the end of this visit.

Yesterday was much less boring than we’d like- her IV needed to be replaced. They started trying to put in a new one at around 8 in the morning and it seems like half the nurses in the hospital made an attempt. Lots of sticks, no IV. Remember how much Angie likes needles? Yea… it was that fun. Finally sometime after 1 pm they brought in the ninja. The best of the best. With more than 20 years in IV therapy, and the biggest cart of gear I saw all day. Sure, she looked like a harmless little nurse, and she seemed really nice, but no one expects a ninja. When Chuck Norris needs an IV they call in this lady. She got it on the first try, the work of a master.

Oh, and if you happen to be hanging out at the hospital I highly recommend the Rainforest Crunch down at Mission Coffee, it’s very good. I think I’m going to get a cup now in fact….

3 responses to “Our Second Home, Rainforest Crunch, and the Ninja”

  1. Can the Ninja be scheduled for all of Angie’s needle pricks? Even to just draw blood?


  2. Good try Brian. Chuck Norris does not need an IV. As we all know, when Chuck Norris gives blood, he bypasses the needle and simply uses a handgun and a bucket.


  3. Angie,

    I learned to always ask for IV therapy the first time. Seriously it saves the other nurses (and even doctors) a lot of embarrassment and frustration and you a lot of pain. You just have to tell them what you want! I am sure you are beginning to understand the politics of the hospital. I had it down to a science–how many times I could ring the nurse in a day without going on their secret “pain in the butt” list. Brian, Dan actually misses the food at our hospital cafeteria and jokes he is going to take me out to eat there on a date. Watch out, you may find yourself stopping by RMH for coffee even after this is all over! Love you guys!


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