Christmas Gallery

The decorations are gone. No more frosty glitter and twinkling lights. We packed them all away for the next year. But the memories are still here and if you want to squander hours gazing at the most gorgeous children in the world, then click here to enjoy them.

We had a wonderful month celebrating with friends and family, and God was faithful to give us so much joy in the midst of heartache. Thank y’all, again, so much for your love and prayers and encouragement and faithfulness to us this year. Many, many blessings to you in the year ahead and may God shower you with sweet surprises that make 2008 beautiful.

4 responses to “Christmas Gallery”

  1. I love the Christmas pictures! We SO wish we could have been there with you. Love you all so much.

    Love, Aunt Sam, Uncle Alan, Edison and Stover


  2. Angie,

    I looked at the Christmas pictures-you look so good! I am sorry you have had such a hard time lately. Glad you have many to help you out!! What’s this with Audrey’s red hair???? She’s adorable, as are the rest. Enjoyed looking at the pics! May God continue to be with you and encourage your heart!

    Much Love & Prayers,



  3. Ang,

    Josie, Jessie and I had a lovely time sitting together and looking through your Christmas gallery. Thank you for sharing such precious photos. (And it was good for Josie to be reminded of the faces that go with the names of folks for whom we are praying.)

    Love from the JB girls!


  4. They are getting so big, and are just beautiful children, inside and out.


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