Snow Day

Last night before bed, Asher said to me, “When I wake up, Grandma & Grandaddy will be here.” Micah’s excited response was, “And snow, too!” The boys have waited anxiously for a snow day, and while they didn’t wake up to it, soon after breakfast, the snow began and continued through the afternoon. Bri unfortunately left for DC last night, so he’s missed all the fun, but what a joyous day it has been for me.

I have moved out of the bed-ridden stage following chemo and have been up and around more. I helped Mom weed out Audrey’s dresser and we put away all the clothes that don’t fit her anymore, which is always such a heart-breaking experience. She is growing so quickly, and I am missing so much. But how wonderful it was to actually feel like doing something! The highlight of my day though was being in the snow with my boys.

After putting Audrey down for nap, we all donned our gloves, hats, coats and boots and went out into the falling snow. While I wasn’t able to run around and join in the snowball fights and snowman building, it was like breathing new life to be outside with them. I watched as they made snow angels, attacked Grandaddy, and wrestled in the snow. Micah loved to eat the snow, and at one point my dad quoted one of their favorite books, Snow by P.D. Eastman and Roy Mc Kie, to him. “Snow, snow look at the snow. Do you like it in your face?” The next line of the book reads, “Yes, I like it any place.” But instead of his usual quoting back to Grandad, Micah shook his head very seriously and said, “No, Grandaddy. But I like it in my tummy.” How my Snow Bear makes me laugh!

Now we are all inside, “snuggly” warm with hot chocolate, rosy cheeks and runny noses, and it is a delightful feeling to not just watch, but experience my children again! And you can “experience” all the fun, too! I’ve posted photos, so click here to enjoy our snow day.

3 responses to “Snow Day”

  1. Hi Angie–I hope you remember me from your long ago past (Heather Eiden)! I’ve been praying for you and keeping up with your blogs since Chanley gave me the website info a while back. I’m so glad to read that you are feeling well enough to enjoy your kids and the snow today. My kids really enjoyed looking at the pictures of snow, since we live in Houston, and they won’t be able to see it for real!
    Please know that you are in my prayers, angie. Your writing has been such an encouragement to me. Take care!


  2. Praise God you were able to spend this time with the boys today! Just think–our sin is washed that white!!! God is so good and faithful. I love you, dear friend!


  3. That is so awesome, Angie, that you felt up to going outside! I’m so happy right along with you! Thank you, Lord!


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