Shlog Brings Perspective

I read a blog by Shaun Groves today and if you’re in the need of a little perspective, (and face it, who isn’t in need of perspective?) then y’all need to read this blog. You seriously HAVE to read his blog (or as he refers to it, his shlog). And when you’re done, think and pray about “simplifiying your life so that others can simply live.”

One response to “Shlog Brings Perspective”

  1. Wow. You know that God has truly brought me to the end of myself this year, especially when it comes to understanding how little we really need and how much we have. I loved reading this. EVERYTHING we have comes from our Father and belongs to Him and should be given back in service. I am praying tonight that God will work in my heart to hold NOTHING back from Him and surrender all with praise and thanksgiving.


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