While We Were Out

The past week has felt like a whirlwind for me. We left early Tuesday morning for our trip to NOVA, and I had a wonderful two days with Kelly & Scott, delighting in their children, sharing heart-to-heart talks with Kelly, napping on their couch, laughing at Scott’s stories, and snuggling with their kitty. I am so thankful that I was able to experience a piece of Brian’s world when he is away from us. My heart struggled being far from my children, especially when I called Mom and discovered that my poor Audrey is sick, but it was so good to be with Bri for a few days. I will never tire of laughing, talking, sharing, crying and living life with that man!

As I wearily trudged up the steps to my room, I was greeted by this:

I love our brand new bedroom! I am overwhelmed, humbled and amazed by the number of friends and family who contributed and pitched in to my friend Monica’s brainchild to makeover our bedroom while we were gone. To say “thank you” doesn’t even begin to describe the enormity of my gratitude or the complexity of my emotions. I will truly feel surrounded by love as I spend time resting and recouping from my radiation treatments.

In his book, Glory Revealed, David Nasser writes:

[God] is delighted when we take care of each other by wearing robes of His character. His glory is revealed when we lovingly come alongside others through the hard times.

I am humbled by the way God’s glory has been revealed to us by so many of our friends and family. I bow my head and weep in gratefulness. We are loved.

6 responses to “While We Were Out”

  1. Angie,
    What a beautiful makeover your and Brian’s bedroom received! Hats off to your wonderful friends who contributed to this retreat for you guys.


  2. Wow, it really is beautiful! I can’t wait to see it in person (and you too, of course). 🙂


  3. I’m so glad you all enjoy your new bedroom! I always think the best place to recuperate is in a comfy, beautiful, and soft place (mainly the bedroom!) I’ll be thinking of you as you start radiation. May God’s loving hands be continually upon you!



  4. Personally, I would have been disappointed that that they didn’t install a circular, rotating, coin-operated bed… but that’s just me. I mean… if they’re going to make the effort… might as well do the job right? No? Bueller?


  5. Oh it turned out so well! I hope you find it a wonderfully calm, relaxing, peaceful place. God bless!


  6. ooooooooooh! i LOVE the red!!!!


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