Wedding Plans

Recently, the boys have been asked to be ring-bearers in our friends’ wedding. Mr. Drew and Miss Emily are two of their favorite people; however, the thought of this new and exciting adventure has my boys in a very wishy-washy state. Their first reaction (in front of Ems, I might add) was to flatly refuse. After my initial embarrassment, Ems and I laughed and spent lunchtime telling the boys what an adventure it would be. To no avail. They did NOT want to be in a wedding. I think my boys have acquired my fear of risk taking. Sigh.

This morning the subject came up again. I spent way too long trying to convince them how fun it would be… They would get to dress up in tuxes (my boys LOVE to be dressed up for church and wear ties… my hubby thinks they’re crazy). They would get to go to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner and reception, something special for them and the flower girl. They would get to be in pictures. I almost had Micah at the dressing up part, but I definitely had him at the pictures. Asher had a lot more questions.

Overall, I thought I was going to bust a gut laughing so hard. Most of the hilarity was Micah, surprise, surprise, but Asher came up with some real humdingers. So to give y’all a laugh today, here’s a taste of our breakfast-table conversations:

Me: Why don’t you want to be in the wedding?
Ash: Because I just don’t.
Me: Hon, it’s okay to tell me what you’re thinking.
Ash: I just don’t want to be in front of all those people. They will be looking at me, and I’m not fun to look at.

I told them they had an important job to “help” the flower girl walk down the aisle. They asked me a bazillion questions about the flower girl. Questions I could not answer.

Me: I don’t know her name.
Micah: Mom, her first name is Flower and her second name is Girl.

I told them how they could just look at Mr. Drew and walk right down the aisle to him and they would forget about all the people there. Micah didn’t like that because he wanted to look at Miss Emily.

Micah: I want to just walk backwards down the aisle so I can look at Miss Emily because she will be soooooo beautiful!
Me: She sure will be beautiful in her pretty white dress.
Micah: She’s going to be in a beautiful dress? I thought she was going to be in a coat, too. (heaves deep sigh)

I told them that Gram and Grin (those are Asher’s nicknames for my parents. Can I just interject how much I love that they call my dad Grin!) might be there if Mommy and Daddy sing in the wedding. We are trying to determine if my health will be back enough by June. Asher responded with:

Why did they ask you to sing? Couldn’t they find anyone better?

Any shred of confidence I had in my vocal abilities was just incinerated.

My favorite was when I told them how they would get to dress up in tuxes and look sharp. Micah chewed his bagel thoughtfully, then spoke up.

Awwww, Mommy. I wanted to wear my pirate costume to walk down the aisle.

Mommy & Daddy singing atrociously during the prelude while Asher hides from all the people and Micah wears a pirate costume and walks backwards down the aisle. Let that picture immerse your minds today…

5 responses to “Wedding Plans”

  1. HAHAHA… hi-lar-ious!!!!! 🙂


  2. Just make sure you get a copy of the wedding video!


  3. oh my! that was a much-needed dose of laughter for the day. I love those boys!


  4. humbling! But I just love when you guys sing together and miss it too!


  5. Kids are so great, and I love their minds! Thanks for the smile today (I sure needed it!).


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