The Fashionista

Every morning Audrey goes to her chest of drawers and points determinedly, picking out her clothes for the day. This includes her shoes which she must wear at all times. Once dressed, she will run to whomever is in sight and pose for them immediately, often with Micah, who she lovingly calls “Boy”. Asher is also “Boy”. (Yes, we stay in a state of confusion.)

Add to this the fact that at some point in the morning Audrey heads into her brothers’ war zone room. She opens their drawers and picks out the clothing they will wear each day even if it’s just jeans and a sweatshirt. And they listen. She’s not even two.

We’re doomed.

On a side note, have I mentioned how much joy these beautiful faces bring me?


2 responses to “The Fashionista”

  1. would it be possible to have audrey come help me pick my clothes out every morning?


  2. Angie–Asher is you to a “t” I’m talking looks, Micah-I’m still trying to figure out–someone on your side (your Mom???), and Audrey-Bryan!! 🙂
    They’re adorable! We both love motherhood! 🙂




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