I Wonder…(By Guest Blogger Joe)

I received an email in my inbox by one of Brian’s secret admirers. He knows nothing about computers, so he asked me to post it on my blog. He wrote this as a response to my 100 Things I Love About Brian entry. So, ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together and give a warm welcome to guest blogger, Joe.

10 Things I Wonder About Brian

(I will not match Angie’s 100 “things” not because I lack ammunition, but time. And I am free to do this because they both know I love them more than the day is long.)

  1. I wonder….does the boy own a watch?
  2. I wonder….is there a type A bone, muscle, nerve, or even slight tendency in his body?
  3. I wonder….how much coffee can a human being take in?
  4. I wonder….does he have a hollow leg? Where does all that food go?
  5. I wonder….how many vehicles can one man possibly go through?
  6. I wonder….why did the mullet have to go?
  7. I wonder….why did the mullet have to happen?
  8. I wonder….how a Redskin married a Cowboy? What does Belial have to do with the things of God?
  9. I wonder….if we need to take up an offering to buy the boy some new footwear? Seriously, how old ARE those sandals?
  10. I wonder….at the grace and mercy of God that actually gave Brian a wife who appreciates 100 things about him??!!

Written with deepest love and fondest affection,
Joe (a secret admirer)

7 responses to “I Wonder…(By Guest Blogger Joe)”

  1. Though I know Brian’s secret admirer would never have a secret love for the Cowboys, I am wondering if deep down in his heart he has a secret affection for mullets? 🙂 AND I am wondering if he should grow one….
    Much love…


  2. Hey, I just got some new sandals yesterday!! They get well loved…


  3. Brian’s secret admirer doesn’t have to grow a mullet. He lives vicariously through his twin brother…


  4. Thanks for posting that! Totally made my day:)
    this Joe character must have years and years of history with Brian…


  5. 3 things I wonder about this Joe character…

    1. If he could, would he wear gym shorts to church every Sunday, even when he was preaching?
    2. How old are you really?!? Are you sure they put the right year on your birth certificate?
    3. Where do you think up all your practical jokes? Do you lie awake at night scheming and planning your next move?

    Love from Philly!


  6. Response to this Cavadini upstart:

    1. What is a Cavadini (isn’t that a mixed drink?) and what is it doing on this blog?
    2. Got a problem with gym shorts?
    3. Low blow on the age thing. Not even worthy of a response. But, since we are talking about age…there is one who shows up frequently on these blogs who is about to turn 40. She might already be 40 in fact.
    4. Yes, I must confess I do lie awake at night scheming. It is a sick and twisted soul that lives within me. Pray for me.

    We love and miss you Philly girl!


  7. Joe Character responds to the rest of ya…
    To Beth and Maretta- Can you see into my soul?? How did you know about my secret desire to boast a mullet?
    To Brian- You only have new sandals because your parents gave them to you, don’t start feeling too good about yourself, although you do drive a beamer so I guess you can feel a little good about yourself.
    To Sara-Beth- yes, lots of history. Oh the stories I could tell!
    To Scott Faircloth- am disappointed you did not weigh in on this. Very disappointed! What has happened to you?
    I love and miss you all,


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