Radiating Redux

I’m afraid there was a terrible accident the other day at the hospital. While Angie was receiving her daily dose of radiation something unexpected happened…


6 responses to “Radiating Redux”

  1. that’s one sexy spider!


  2. Exhibit A: what happens when you cross Tobey Maguire and Kristen Dunst.


  3. Bet the boys are jealous – can you throw webs for swinging?


  4. Angie doesn’t need a mask to convince me she’s a SUPER HERO!


  5. Mrs. Misantone, you need to be more careful when you take Angie to radiation….


  6. That’s so silly. Everyone knows that radiation doesn’t do that. It’s getting bitten by a radioactive spider that makes you look like that! Sheesh! Am I the only real Spidey fan?!? 🙂


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