Our son’s first tooth finally fell out this week with little fanfare. One minute it was there, the next minute he was cradling it in his palm. After weighing your comments, factoring in inflation, the falling dollar, family income, the mortgage crisis, crude oil prices, and the economic “stimulus” package working it’s way through Congress, we decided we’d give Ash a buck a tooth, except for molars. (We’ll deal with that when it happens.)

Night fell. The tooth was gently placed under his pillow. Under cover of darkness, a dollar miraculously appeared. Ash was quite impressed with his discovery. The next morning we had this conversation:

Me: Did you put your dollar in your piggy bank?
A: No. I want to buy a knight from the Farmer’s Market with it.
Me: Well, a dollar is not quite enough to buy a knight. Remember how we’ve talked about saving your money?
A: (hesitates) Yeah… (this conversation clearly wasn’t going in his desired direction)
Me: You can put your dollar in your piggy bank, save up, and then buy the knight.
A: Oh. (quiet reflection) Mom? You’re the tooth fairy, right?
Me: (apparently he’s no fool) Yes.
A: Next time, can you leave me a $20?

4 responses to “Gypped?”

  1. I’m laughing so hard!!! Avery lost his first tooth today, so Delaney and I were talking about this very thing tonight. She asked how much she would get when she loses her first tooth, and I said “$1”, and she said, “Well, I already have $5, so that’s no big deal.” Still laughing!


  2. Mom – what were you thinking! Of course there is a Tooth Fairy but Asher should know that if you don’t believe, then the tooth fairy might not come. That was the rule in Brian’s house as he grew up. When the Tooth Fairy (or Santa Claus) is no longer believed in, the Tooth Fairy (or Santa Claus) no longer visits. Maybe Grandma and Grandpa need to have a talk with all of you during our next visit!


  3. Oh my goodness! That is so funny! Congrats Asher on loosing your first tooth! I can’t wait to see you guys! Only 2 months away!
    Love, Aunt Sam


  4. Asher is one smart kid! way to get to the root of the issue, call out the “tooth fairy” and let her know what you want 🙂


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