Bear Prayers

Our recent times of family worship have brought some deep heart smiles as I listen to my boys pray and talk to God. Bear, especially, is no holds barred, and it is precious and endearing. Here’s a taste of some recent prayers by our sweet 4-year-old. I love how he doesn’t ask God for things, he just thanks God. Even more I love how real he is. He just is who he is. I have so much to learn from my son!

“Heavenly Father, thank you that you will watch over Daddy as he drives home tonight from D.C. Thank you that no other cars will crash into him in his new fast car, because I like his new fast car and I don’t want it to get scratched. That’s all I have to pray. Amen.”

“Dear Jesus, thank you for Nanny and Pappy (his great-grandparents). Thank you that Pappy’s heart will be fixed (he had triple bypass recently). Thank you that You will give them a good night’s sleep, and they won’t have any bad dreams. Thank you that they will only have good dreams and that Nanny will dream about a tyrannosaurus rex and she will be able to kill it. In Jesus name, Amen.”

I seriously just laughed out loud the whole time I was typing this in. As squeamish as she is about reptiles and rodents, I think my poor grandmother would have heart failure if she dreamed about a t-rex.

Oh my dear, dear Bear. May your night be filled with good dreams tonight–whatever good means for you.

2 responses to “Bear Prayers”

  1. where does Micah come up with these things? I wonder… We should all have more “bear prayers”…plain, simple, honest.

    loved seeing you this weekend! it means the world to me.


  2. That was REALLY sweet, and SOOO funny. Loving the part about the t-rex, Micah’s definition of a good dream 🙂


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