About Daughters…

I love reading other blogs, especially of people I don’t know. It’s like curling up with a good book. I especially like ones that make me think. I read this post today by Melanie at This A’int New York, and if you have a daughter or granddaughter or know someone who has daughters, I highly recommend you read it. My favorite parts?

There are six-year-old girls playing with dolls that look like street walkers and street walkers gaining fame from governors.

Young girls all over this country are cruising down a path of destruction and their mothers are driving them there in their minivans.

Moms, we’ve got to slow down.

Turn off the cell phone. Pull over the minivan. Turn around and take a look at the girl in the backseat. Is she growing up too fast?

…As for my own daughter having a role model, she already has one.


Just something to make you think.

One response to “About Daughters…”

  1. Thank you for the kind words. It really did come from my heart.


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