More Gifts

I continue on my quest to see the beauty in every day…

Watching bunnies in the yard. Awestruck. Held breaths lest she move.

Dishes in my sink. Evidence of God’s provision of our daily bread.

Sunday School crafts covering our walls.

Tiny hands lifted in praise with me… learning the postures and freedom of worship.

Bright green buds on the sidewalk underfoot pushed out by new leaves. Growth.

Eyes to see differently this world around me.

Siblings. Sweet kisses for a baby sister.

Pudgy arms squeezing round my neck with “ginormous” hugs.

Tousled red curls and delicious brown eyes snuggling in my lap.

Lanky body against me. Reading.

Boisterous voices chorusing. “Jesus loves me, this I KNOW.”

Cherry tomatoes on the vine. Luscious red. Healthy tastes.

Life lessons learned from little ones.

Lilacs cut from the tree by the hands of my father and brought to me by the hands of my mother. The fragrance of memories.

Thank you, Lord, for your endless gifts!

One response to “More Gifts”

  1. your blog makes me smile….and sneeze!! happy almost mother’s day…


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