America’s Favorite Past Time

Last night we went to my nephew’s baseball game, and despite the wind making it feel like it was fall instead of spring, it was good to be out enjoying the evening and the fresh air and my family. I drank it in and am grateful for another day, another time to revel in all God has given me…

The stinging crack of bats resounding in the air.

Little voices cheering and encouraging one another in their efforts to win.

Sunshine on distant mountains. Breathtaking beauty of God’s creation.

The wonder of trains passing by. The clink of rail cars. The crash of engines. The fascination that never ends.

Cousins playing together.

Imaginations. Watching little boys lose focus on the game to spend time in their own worlds.

The rowdy cheers of parents and fans lifting small children to new heights.

A shoulder to lean on.

Climbing on bleachers and fond memories of my childhood climbs at brother’s games.

Snuggling. Warmth. Comfort. Love.

America’s favorite past time. There’s just something about the smell of hot dogs, the thump of catcher’s mitts, the roar of crowds, the head nods to strangers, the squeal of babies, the unity of purpose.

Thank you, Lord, for every breath, every gift.

3 responses to “America’s Favorite Past Time”

  1. BIG SMILE :). Do you remember my intense love for the boys of summer? Ok, not just the boys. From the Staunton Braves to the Richmond Braves AAA to the team I now adore, the Cleveland Indians, my love for the game of baseball has grown and flourished. Thanks for sharing this. Since God has not given me any boys I needed to enjoy some little league vicariously. Love you.


  2. Dearest Angie,

    Thank God for His grace, mercy and peace that has been abounding to you in fullest measure. We are the redeemed, His choice vessel to reveal Himself in. Let’s magnify His name together.

    God bless you and love,


  3. I can relate to #40…and I’m 23 years old. It’s not just a little kid thing 🙂 Love you and I was also want to thank you for being so dedicated and faithful to your blog (and readers). It makes me want to be dedicated and faithful to my blog…I truly think that so so many people enjoy reading your blog and are encouraged by it weekly! encouraged in daily lives and in their faith. thanks!


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