Heart Smiles

From Ash while holding my hand and walking through store aisles:

Mom? When I can read better, I know what I’m going to do.

What’s that, buddy?

Read Narnia all day long!

From Micah while eating his bagel and oatmeal:

Mommy? Let’s pretend our whole house is a ship and there’s no roof on it and we got hit by lightning and we sank and now we’re eating underwater.

From Audrey while holding new play-doh canisters we bought at the store today:

Mommy? Baby happy! Pway!

From Me while wiping away the tears:

Thank You, Jesus, for good books, imaginations, and new games to play. Thank You, most of all, for these heart smiles you’ve given me today.

2 responses to “Heart Smiles”

  1. Heartwarming and BIG SMILES from Grandma!

    I love you all so much!


  2. Dearest Angie,

    Thank God for the manifold grace, mercy and peace He pours in your heart through your little ones. They are truly a gift from God to you and Brian.

    God Bless you my precious sister,


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