Saturday found us spending the afternoon surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation. It was my first time back in the TRUCK off-roading, and it was wonderful.

We followed some trails in the National Forest,
met some hardcore off-roaders who spoke a language with Bri that left me dumbfounded,
drove through the river,
threw rocks and waded in the freezing water,
held on for dear life (well, at least Audrey and I did),
got quite muddy (Bri managed to spray mud through the sunroof),
enjoyed hanging out with friends,
and saw Smokey the Bear.
Best of all, I was able to soak it all in and watch the faces of my children as they lived life. Now that’s beauty!
I know I say it a lot, but I love living here! I’ll never be convinced that there’s a better place on earth. I am breathing thanks for a sweet time with my family… every day is a day to share and delight in them and in all that God has given us.

You can enjoy all our pics in the gallery, just don’t get jealous.

5 responses to “Adventures”

  1. ooooooh, i loved the pictures! and you’re right….the ‘burg is beautiful! and angie, you look awesome! i miss you!!!!


  2. Love, love, love these pics! I am jealous, not in a sinful way, but there is not a day I don’t miss the Blue Ridge! It will always be home to me! I love you.


  3. You all have such great family adventures! I agree I looove living in the Valley; I feel blessed to be settled in such a place. Thanks so much for your prayers too as we settle in as a family of four!


  4. Sasha Rothwell Avatar
    Sasha Rothwell

    Looks like so much fun! I just love the pictures of your precious children! I really liked the one of Audrey hanging on for dear life! That’s me too! šŸ™‚ Hope that ya’ll are doing well!


  5. What fun! There is nothing better than a day spent outside in God’s creation and especially seeing out kiddos enjoy it’s wonder and mystery! God bless! Rochelle


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