Thankful Bits

More thankful bits of my days…
Kissable toes that run barefoot through summer’s grass.

Story time at the library. Making new friends.

Sweet snuggles. Arms that are never empty. Hands never too full to hug.
Coffee in a mug half-full. Thank you that my life is even fuller.

Going on a bear hunt…

Water. Refreshment. Drinking life. Quenching thirst. Do I thirst for You?


Thoughtful meanderings through dandelion remnants. Hands bringing me weeds. Eyes seeing flowers.

Lord, search my heart. Jesus, thank You for Your vision. For hope. Thank You that You see flowers in our weeds.

One response to “Thankful Bits”

  1. dear angie,

    i am also thankful for this beautiful day. this week has been full of both tears of joy and tears of sorrow. some days i have seen the flowers through the weeds, still others i have not. yet the grass withers and flowers fade, yet the Word of our God stands forever! May I cling to this truth every day of my life

    I love you and pray for you every day. have a great weekend!


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