Look What God Did

Two months ago, while I was undergoing radiation, I learned of a friend who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She led me in Bible study several years ago, and I was always amazed by her knowledge and her heart. She had such an easy way about her, and her gentle demeanor enveloped each of us as we sat together and shared in God’s Word. Then we lost touch. My heart broke when I heard of her diagnosis as it always does whenever I hear of another’s battle. I prayed and prayed for her, and I asked God that as I went through radiation I would see her in the waiting room of the cancer center while she waited for her chemo. It never happened. I stopped praying about it. I prayed faithfully for her healing and strength, but that was all.

Six weeks after radiation finished I went back for my follow-up visit. As I signed my name on the very long, heart-breaking list, my knees went weak. There scrawled in tiny black letters was her name. Tears filled my eyes as I turned and saw her sitting with her husband. I went to her, both of us barely recognizable to the other. The moments in the lobby were far too short as we shared our stories, ached for each other’s pain, and whispered sweet God blesses. I went to my van after my appointment and wept my thanks to God for bringing our paths together for that moment.

This past week, Bri and I went to a Recovery Group at the hospital. As we walked in the doorway the first face I saw was my dear mentor. Our hugs were not long enough. Our pain is deep. But it is shared. “Oh, how I have been praying for you!” she exclaimed. My reply, “God is hearing our prayers for each other.” Bri and I sat down, my hand wrapped tightly in his arm where it fits so well. Deep sighs and a big smile as I leaned close to his ear, “Look what God did!” I whispered. His forehead meets mine as we each silently reflect on God’s ways.

God’s higher ways. He always answers prayer. I just assumed the answer was “no” this time. Then He surprised me with His timing. And while I don’t understand the bigger picture and my mind often reels with questions, the truth remains the same. My prayers never fall on deaf ears. He knew the perfect time and place for us to reunite even for a moment.

Thank you, Lord, for your heart for me. Thank you that you love to delight with surprises. Thank you that you hear and answer prayer. I ask humbly for the grace to accept your will even when the answer is “no”. Thank you that your wisdom is so much more than I can even begin to understand, and that in your wisdom, your timing is perfect in my life.

2 responses to “Look What God Did”

  1. Dear One, and even more dear,

    One of my cherished quotes is from Elizabeth Barret Browning, “God answers sharp and sudden on some prayers, and thrusts the thing we have prayed for in our face, a gauntlet with a gift in it.” I’m so thankful your prayer was answered THIS week in THAT place, a gift from your Abba Father.

    I loved hearing your voice today. Besides my husband and children I have never breathed the life of someone else like I have been made to inhale and exhale with you these past months. This is my gift from our good God, to know you again, sister and friend, as if we were never apart.

    I pray you are sleeping sweetly in Him tonight. MKaye


  2. Sasha Rothwell Avatar
    Sasha Rothwell

    I am praising the Lord with you and am in awe of how good He has been to you. How well He knows our hearts and how tenderly does He care for each tiny detail! I love you and am praying for you! God Bless!


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