The words fly out of my mouth before I think, a response of frustration to the pesterings of my six-year-old. “I am trying to nap, and I’m getting no sleep because of YOU.” Big eyes search my face questioning, a hesitation, a quavering voice, “But Mom, I need your help.” My irritation breaks. My words have pierced the heart of my child. My tone critical. Once again, I am broken. Drawing him up onto my lap, I whisper my sorrows to him, apologizing for using harsh tones and accusing him. His head melds into my shoulder, “I forgive you, Mommy.” How humbling those words are from my child.

For days I have been pondering the words of Solomon, “Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise promotes healing.” (Proverbs 12:18) How many times have my words sliced into relationships leaving hurting holes in the hearts of others? How easy it is to use irritated tones and critical words with the ones I love the most. And how quick to forgive my children and husband are. So I turn again to the One Who has forgiven all, enduring the piercings of my sin on the Cross.

Lord, You are the epitome of forgiveness. Forgive my careless words. My intentional piercings. My tongue, a poison, needs Your antidote. Thank you for the simplicity of a child reminding me of the peace found with forgiveness. May my words be used to heal others rather than leave wounds in their hearts. Thank you for breaking me. Continue the molding process, so I may be more like You and bring You glory.

One response to “Piercings”

  1. “Oh, this love, how can it be
    That my God would die for me
    For my sins, His wounds did bleed
    Jesus, you were pierced for me”

    – Audio Adrenaline, “Pierced”


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