Pirate Lessons

Finally, time to sit and write about the past two weeks, which have been crazy (pronounce that CUH-RAAAY-ZEEEEE) with a high pitched squeal and you’ll hear what’s been going through my head for a while. Kind of sad, isn’t it. Not much going on in there, huh?

We’ve had Brian’s parents and sister’s family visiting, Vacation Bible School this week, and Drew & Em’s wedding coming up in a couple days. Good times were had by all, and in the midst of trying to get accurate measurements for tuxes for two growing boys, driving them to and from VBS every day, visiting with the fam, and trying to detox sweet Audrey who walks around the house looking for Edison, I am tired. But everywhere I turn I think, I should write about this. (Does this mean I am becoming blog-obsessed?)

Sooo, the next few posts will probably be some sort of rambling for your entertainment, and for my relief from all that’s going on in my mind. Believe it or not, if I can get the CUH-RAAAY-ZEEEEE out, there will be something rolling around in there.

One of the highlights of Bri’s family visiting was watching our kids interact with Uncle Alan, Aunt Sam, and Edison, who you might remember walked in the Race For The Cure in my honor. Day three of their visit was pirate day, and there were some fierce ones, let me tell ya. Donning our best pirate gear, building a pirate ship in the boys’ room, coming up with pirate names, it was quite the adventure as we all sailed the Seven Seas in search of treasure.
Our pirate names, you ask? Oh, yes, each of us had a name… Asher, of course, was Captain Roger Steel, and Micah (who recently told us he wanted to no longer be called Bear, but then he changed his mind) was Iron Jack. Audrey, who really only wanted to shoot things (ah, the joys of big brothers) and look out the porthole (you can just see the top of her head in the above picture) was Hook-Handed Helen. But it didn’t stop there… we ALL had to have names. Aunt Sam, was something about Red Legs, but I can’t remember exactly what it was. Uncle Alan, Lieutenant-Colonel Right-Eyed Ryan, was the builder of the ship. And me? Well, who else could I be but Dirty Right-Eyed Rita?
Even sweet Edison got in on the action as Surgeon Ian The Infected. But I think he was sipping a bit too much of his milk, because he was quite unsteady on his feet to this unsightly result. Although, Edison is NEVER unsightly, even with his boo-boo’s. Poor little guy.

All in all, it was a bonny day full of “arghs” and “ahoy mateys” and “man the decks” and “land ho!” And, as always, I find when I enter the world of a child, my CUH-RAAAY-ZEEEEE lessens and my life becomes more simple. So, while the boys are away at VBS, I will go enter the world of my little land-lubber, Hook-Handed Helen, and hopefully learn some more as I view life through the eyes of a child.

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