Hot Dog!

Okay, so I know y’all are just dying to see if Micah actually wore his pirate costume and walked backwards down the aisle at the wedding this past Saturday, but you will have to wait with bated breath a while longer. My sweet friend, Beth, is in town, and spending time with her is a much higher priority than posting pictures of the two most adorable ring bearers that will ever grace this Valley. CUTE doesn’t even begin to describe it! But back to Beth…

My favorite Beth conversation so far was this afternoon with Micah.

Micah: Aunt Beffy, we even had DONUTS on Saturday when Uncle Alan was here.

Beth: Well, hot dog, Micah! Good for you!

Micah: (with extreme distress in his tone) No, no Aunt Beffy! We didn’t have hot dogs, we had DO-nuts!

Sigh. It is good to be with Aunt Beffy.

2 responses to “Hot Dog!”

  1. Hi to Beth. You guys have fun now! And yes, I am waiting with bated breath for pictures…don’t leave me hanging tooooo long 🙂

    love and miss you.


  2. Oh, how cute. Micah is always coming up with something cute to say!!

    Hi Beth!

    Enjoy every minute of her. Ang, of course I still can’t wait even though I had a sneak preview.

    Love ya!


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