Ring Bearing

I stood with Emily, her mother, and her bridesmaids moments before the prelude began, and I prayed with them, asking that God be in this place, that every step of the journey they were about to begin would be filled with grace, mercy and love.

I sang with Brian during the prelude and my voice shook with emotion more often than it was steady as we sang of praise to the Risen One and the Beautiful One. And as breathtaking as Emily was, there is still nothing on earth as beautiful as Him.

I stood with my boys while the strains of Pachelbel’s Canon In D floated through the sanctuary, and I thought about the day, Lord willing, when they would take a bride. And I prayed for them, for her, for future blessing.

I watched Emily and her dad cry together as he waited to give her away. As she waited to leave and cleave. And I bowed my head in tears, trying to give them the privacy they needed, yet blessed that I was fortunate to witness such a tender moment.

I stood in the back watching Emily enter the sanctuary, violinists filling the building with Be Thou My Vision, and through the crowd, I watched Drew’s face… the anticipation, the joy when their eyes met, and I thought again about the day when my own boys will be standing, waiting, longing for the woman God created for them.

I watched my boys in wonder. When did they grow up? Have they always been so handsome? So serious? And I thought about how quickly the moments pass by and how I long to treasure each one. That night I read this post by Antique Mommy (one of my favorite bloggers) with Brian, and we sat together and cried as we thought about holding on to drops.

I held my sweet baby for over an hour while she slept in my arms, and while I may have missed some of the festivities of the reception, I wouldn’t have given up those moments for anything. Breathing in her sweet freshness. Stroking her curls. Holding time in my hands.

I hugged Emily and I thought about that day years ago when she joined my Bible study. Bright and sunny and excited about life as a college student. Now just as bright and even sunnier, she was embracing life with Drew. I thought about how much we have shared and how much the future holds.

As I look back over that precious day, I realize that God answered my prayer. He was in that place. And He was in our lives every moment that brought us to that place. And I know He will be with us every step we take whether it be first steps into married life, growing up into young men, learning how to be parents, or walking barefoot with freshly painted toenails on baby feet. May our feet run in grace and mercy every day until He calls each of us home. Praise the Risen Son of God!

Now feast your eyes on an absolutely stunning bride! I hate that it’s blurry, but I love how she is looking at Drew. Imagine that all day long, friends. She radiated her love for her groom. What a picture of Christ it was!
Now feast your eyes on two adorable ring bearers. When did they become such little men?

Now feast your eyes on my dear friend, Kristen, and my sweet little red-head. Beauty, my friends, beauty.

It was a fabulously glorious day, and best of all it glowed with the beauty of Christ.

Enjoy more eye-feasting in our gallery!

3 responses to “Ring Bearing”

  1. Oh my goodness Angie your boys are so handsome in their tuxes, and little Audrey is adorable in her sweet little dress! Thank you for sharing about your wedding experience. I always love to hear about Christ-Centered wedding ceremonies!


  2. Melissa (Bruining) Teeter Avatar
    Melissa (Bruining) Teeter

    I love weddings! Thanks for the beautiful pictures. You sure do have some gorgeous kids– what blessings. I am smiling wide after seeing those Davis faces. 🙂 I love you, sweet Angie, and I lift you up to our Father often. I wish we lived closer so we could share a cup of coffee and chat a bit! xxoo


  3. Thanks for the post, Angie. Awesome pictures and sweet thoughts. Hard to believe that our children will (Lord-willing) one day be walking down the aisle at their own wedding. Thinking of you tonight!


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