Adding To The List…

…of one thousand gifts.

The madness of packing, the sweetness of anticipation, the imaginations running wild as we prepare for a week at the beach.

Prayers answered “yes” in the lives of friends.

Deep thoughts by saints gone by pointing me to Christ.

Re-evaluating beliefs… solidifying convictions… knowing where I stand.

Faith. The assurance of things hoped for.

Hot showers after long, grungy days.

The land of the free, because of the brave!

Chocolate fudge cake made with special dark cocoa… dripping sweetness.

The smell of Baby Magic on my little one’s skin.

Moments of quiet. Not needing to say anything.

Harmonizing with Bri… singing in the car together at the TOP OF OUR LUNGS.

Funny antics by the children filling weary days with needed laughter.

Laundry hanging on the line outside, blowing dry on fragrant winds.

Crawling between clean sheets at night. Smelling freshness.

Homemaking. The joy and peace of fulfilling my calling.

New music. Being introduced to new words and new ways to worship Him!

His goodness faileth NEVER.

Seeing God work and move in the hearts of my children.

Assurance that even when God’s answer is “no”, He has a perfect plan for my life. Sleeping soundly in the knowledge that His final answer is “YES!”

My debt is paid in full.

Security. Knowing however empty my back account my seem, the Lord always provides.

Sacrifice. Doing without so that others may live.

Hearing the sweet sound of dear friends voices over the phone.

He shall reign forever and ever!

Huge eyes soaking in the magic of Narnia. Reading The Magician’s Nephew to astonished minds just beginning to grasp the allegory.

Spaghetti and meatballs brought by Adam. Surprise blessings on a tough day.

FUN Photography!

Thank you, Lord, for eyes to see Your light in the every day, no matter how dark they may seem.

2 responses to “Adding To The List…”

  1. God is so good. Praying for you this morning as you travel. I hope your week with your family is blessed. I had a dream about you last night and Nan and Pap, so when I woke you were my first thought! I love you!


  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your thankful lists. Thank YOU for these reminders!


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