The Perfect Wave

Apparently, my timing was off. Boogie board strapped to my wrist, knees bent, waiting for the perfect wave. I glanced at Bri, “I always get these wrong.” He laughed and we both watched as the wall of water I had been looking for began to form. It was huge, and I was ready. I jumped on the board just as the wave crested. It was a whole lot bigger than me, and as I began to move forward with the water, my legs were jerked out from underneath me–backward up over my head in an awkward flip. I was immersed in the dizziness of churning water, disoriented, sand stinging my nose and eyes, every sense heightened. I came up spluttering and coughing to see Bri doubled in laughter. Through it all I felt no fear, only joy. As odd as it might seem, I had never felt more ALIVE. And it felt good!

4 responses to “The Perfect Wave”

  1. sometimes the craziness of life just feels good. Glad that this was one of those times!
    So, I knew you guys were at the beach, but had something on my mind so I gave you a call and left you a message. When I hung up the phone, I thought “oh yeah, their at the beach.” SO talk to you guys later. Ejoy the rest of your vacation!!


  2. Melissa (Bruining) Teeter Avatar
    Melissa (Bruining) Teeter

    I laughed out loud reading this! How fun!! Did you get water up your nose and sand in your suit? That’s always my test of a perfect wipeout. Love you!


  3. I think they call that a: WIPE OUT!!! Way to not hold anything back! love you and miss you


  4. This actually brought tears to my eyes…just how AWESOME is our God! To bring you from the “depths of woe” to the “depths” of the ocean and yet with Him you feel so alive. Praises again lifted up tonight for our great Healer God, that He has brought you to this place! Love reading you blog, Angie. God uses you daily to touch my heart and give me new perspective. Thanks so much for sharing!


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